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  Autonomous Aerial Target

Successful Mission
The HAES 400 is an autonomous aerial target used to provide a threat-representative target drone to support the Ground-to-Air Weapon System evaluation and test programs.

UAV HAES 400 fact sheet: HAES 400 vehicle (download)

The HAES 400, manufactured by HAES Group (a joint venture of the companies Hacker Model Production and Evolving Systems Consulting), is constructed of carbon fiber and epoxy-based materials.
The HAES 400 is capable of speeds from 80 km/h (49 mph) to 400 km/h (244 mph) true airspeed at sea level.
The drone can achieve flight altitudes from 30 m (100 ft) above ground level to 3,000 m (10,000 ft) mean sea level.
Maneuvers include G-turns up to 20 Gs, and other aerial acrobatic turns.
The drone is launched from a rail system. The drone can be recovered by a parachute recovery system. Recovered targets are repaired, tested and reused. The HAES 400 can carry a full range of current target payloads which include infrared and radar enhancements and a chaff/flare dispenser set.

A realistically moving aerial target provides efficient shooting practice and combat firing for anti-aircraft missile systems SHORAD/VSHORAD, thus improving the quality and efficiency of the gunner/operator training.
Five prototype targets in 3 dimensions have been built to date, in 2009 - 2011.

General Characteristics of HAES 400 V1.5
Primary function: Aerial target
Prime Contractor: HAES Group (Hacker Model Production and
Evolving Systems Consulting)
Power plant: Combustion engine w/ propeller
Wingspan: 1.9 meters (6.3 ft)
Length: 1.35 meters (4.5 ft)
Height: 0.56 meters (1.8 ft)
Weight: 19 kg empty, 21.5 kg max.
Speed: 400 km/h (244 mph)
Ceiling: 3,000 meters (10,000 ft)
Range: 30 km (18 mi)
Cost: TBD
Initial operating capability: TBD
Inventory: Demonstrators, 5; Active force, 0


  The ARCA (Adaptive Routing and Conflict Management for Unmanned Aricraft Vehicles) introduces an innovative algorithm for a conflict detection on UAVs.

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